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Cette rubrique référence divers modèles de Grand Banks produit à travers les années, ainsi que l'histoire de la marque, à travers plusieurs articles.

GRAND BANKS 48 MY - Lu 10778 fois

Fabriqué de 1973 au début des années 1975 à 64 exemplaires. The Grand Banks 48 was a luxurious and seaworthy offshore cruiser that was a miser on diesel fuel.  She was graciously appointed with a handcrafted interior of golden Burmese teak. She had teak ceilings in the forward cabins and a master stateroom with teak...

GRAND BANKS 49 CL - Lu 2210 fois

La version Classic du 49' When you want to know how good a particular yacht really is, ask those who own one. In the case of the Grand Banks 49 Classic, few boats in this class were as highly regarded by serious cruisers.  Valued for its creature comforts as well as for its long-range cruising capability, this yacht was...

GRAND BANKS 50 EU - Lu 4050 fois

The Grand Banks 50 had two full-height engine rooms equipped as standard with big, heavy-duty Ammarine;® 404 diesels. Jointly developed by John Deere and American Marine, Ltd., the 404's were slow-turning, smooth, quiet, counter-rotating matched pairs, coupled through large reduction gears and big-diameter commercial...

GRAND BANKS 58 EU - Lu 2299 fois

Who wouldn't want to cruise the world for months at a time?  Thanks to the Grand Banks 58 Heritage's expansive length, it was nice to know that such things were possible. Suitable for full-scale entertaining as well as extended live-aboard options, this model offered exceptional comfort, convenience and...

GRAND BANKS 36 CL - Lu 2845 fois

Capable of true deep-water cruising, the Grand Banks 36 Heritage CL was a sea-worthy performer that spoke in equal measure to adventure, safety and beauty.  From the very first glance, it was easy to see why this Grand Banks-built, Ken Smith-designed yacht excelled in all areas.  Handsome golden Burmese teak was...

GRAND BANKS 46 EU - Lu 1972 fois

La version Europa du 46'
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Nouveau ! Visitez la page Facebook de l'AGBM
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